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Mothership 1e, Google Character Sheet

Google Sheet based Character Sheet 

This Google Sheets includes all the things you need to kickstart your Mothership campaign and playtest the 1e rules. It includes some automation, but we intentionally avoided dice rolling to not imlement any additional scripts and keep as light as possible.

How to Use

  1.  Make a Copy
  2.  Open the Character Sheet tab
  3.  Roll your character stats (not done in the sheet)
  4.  Fill the stats and select your Class
  5.  The Class selection will display the bonus you should receive below
  6.  Manually add the bonus stats and saves and select the starting skills
  7.  For the Equipment, open the Loadout tab
  8.  Roll d10 and click on the [+] of your class at the top and [+] at the right of your rolled number.
  9.  Copy the entire block of equipment
  10.  Go back to the Character Sheet and paste on cell B28

The sheet includes:

  • The original 4 classes
  • Skill tree with pre-requisites
  • 100 trinkets & 100 patches from the 1e playtest
  • d10 loadouts for the 4 classes (with updated stats)

This sheet will be updated as we have releases from Tuesday Knight Games.

This product is based on the Mothership Sci-Fi Horror Role Playing Game, published by Tuesday Knight Games. Mothership RPG is a trademark of Tuesday Knight Games. All rights reserved. For additional information, visit www.tuesdayknightgames.com or contact contact@tuesdayknightgames.com.

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Mothership 1e - Google Sheet


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Absolutely love this sheet! Really helpful for my current campaign. As a heads up, there's currently a couple mismatches that need fixing:

  • Teamster says "2 trained or 1 expert" and should be "1 trained and 1 expert"
  • Psychology's note & conditional formatting has only Zoology as a pre-req, it should be both Linguistics & Zoology
  • Ranges are Close, Nearby, and Far Away, but should be Adjacent, Close, Long, and Extreme (and "Adjacent" overflows the box just slightly)

Thanks again for making this, and I hope that's helpful!

(1 edit)

Thank you so much for the feedback and apologies on the delay! :)

I applied the updates to the sheet now.

This sheet is great, and is coming in handy for my game. There are a couple minor updates to be made since the finalized 1e released, in equipment (mostly updated weapon damage), but that's an easy fix.

I made a ship sheet from the one in the shipbreaker toolkit based on this format. I'd love to share it if it's ok with you.


Of course! Please share.

I will also make the updates for the 1e release soon :)

Awesome. Finally got this uploaded, it is here: https://octopusink.itch.io/mothership-1e-ship-manifest

This sheet is so good. I was considering doing one myself (I already made one for 0e in the past) but there's really no need now, yours is perfect.


Thank you so much! Glad that it helped you and your game :)

Excellent! Perfect solution for my virtual table, much obliged. Extremely easy to use, and the dropdowns/loadouts are a wonderful bonus.

This looks very usefully 

Thank you Vandel! Appreciate it!