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Absolutely love this sheet! Really helpful for my current campaign. As a heads up, there's currently a couple mismatches that need fixing:

  • Teamster says "2 trained or 1 expert" and should be "1 trained and 1 expert"
  • Psychology's note & conditional formatting has only Zoology as a pre-req, it should be both Linguistics & Zoology
  • Ranges are Close, Nearby, and Far Away, but should be Adjacent, Close, Long, and Extreme (and "Adjacent" overflows the box just slightly)

Thanks again for making this, and I hope that's helpful!

This sheet is great, and is coming in handy for my game. There are a couple minor updates to be made since the finalized 1e released, in equipment (mostly updated weapon damage), but that's an easy fix.

I made a ship sheet from the one in the shipbreaker toolkit based on this format. I'd love to share it if it's ok with you.


Of course! Please share.

I will also make the updates for the 1e release soon :)

Awesome. Finally got this uploaded, it is here:

This sheet is so good. I was considering doing one myself (I already made one for 0e in the past) but there's really no need now, yours is perfect.


Thank you so much! Glad that it helped you and your game :)

Excellent! Perfect solution for my virtual table, much obliged. Extremely easy to use, and the dropdowns/loadouts are a wonderful bonus.

This looks very usefully 

Thank you Vandel! Appreciate it!