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Obscure Adventures 1.0

This is a quickstart lite OSR game, made to introduce people to the hobby. It contains all the needed rules for combat, creating characters and dealing with threats in a single foldable sheet of paper.

The main goals were:

  1. Easy to learn mechanics
  2. Random tables to quickstart the game
  3. Classless for no optimization and analysis paralysis
  4. Character development and progression, easy to pick
  5. Easy to be referenced in a single-sheet
  6. OSR compatible


Another dungeon crawler? There are too many already!

Yes, but this one has a very clear goal: introduce new people with a lean but flexible rule set. You can hack in an away very easily.

I have no doubt that after some sessions, the player will be pretty comfortable to jump into more games. It is pretty easy for a GM to run, to quickly explain the rules and get into the game. This doesn't offer and doesn't intend to offer GM guidance.

You changed the attributes! This is not compatible at all!

It easy to explain four very distinct attributes than the original six, but it is easy to convert: Constitution merged with StrengthIntelligence was mostly scratched because I don't want to include languages, skills or similar and any knowledge must come from the player. So Intelligence got merged with Wisdom into Resolve. Charisma is EmpathyThese names represent better what each Attribute mean inside my game.

There are too many/few skills!

Add or remove them. They are pretty straightforward and easy to scratch or design.

Is this a story-game? Why there are no moves?

No, but it can be. This game still has a focus on the challenge and is very lethal, but it takes a less aggressive approach to the Players. With Dilemmas, you as Referee can give choices to players and might soften or harden the blow of their actions, or you can let them as they are if you need. Story games brought some amazing mechanics and ways to integrate players into the game, I want to keep that but – I want them to suffer when they do stupid and risky things. That way I can tailor the difficulty to the group I'm running.

This is not a full game!

Not, it isn't. This is more of a Player's Handbook with the rules-set. If you need more get Maze Rats for the tables, Into the Odd for the setting and throw yourself into an adventure module and you will have a lot of fun.

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Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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