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just run it for my Stars without Number campaign as a Oneshot. 

It was great to run and we succeeded with it in 4 hrs of play. 

The players enjoyed the variable encounters with the NPCs greatly. 

This adventure is totally worth it. 


Thank you for the kind word Vandel! Happy your players enjoyed!


They loved it! Are you doing more adventures any time soon?


I really like the whole adventure, its layout and design, but sometimes the english sentences were hard to understand and there are quite a lot of grammar mistakes. I think some english editor would help this a lot.

On the bright side, the survive/solve/save was a great use of Mosh motto and i love the map and color-coded room key guide! (albeit, i´m not sure if it would not be too small to read when printed? i only read it on monitor and i needed to scale the pdf quite a bit to be able to comfortably read it.

Still, really loooking forward for another mosh module of yours ;-)

this is very impressive game design !

Thank you Vandel! Appreciate it!